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The Birmingham Bail Bonds Process

Before you call just any bail bond agent, let’s understand the bail bonds process in Birmingham, Jefferson County and Shelby County Alabama areas. When someone is given the option of posting bail, he or she has two options. The accused and his or her loved ones can come up with the money or turn to a company specializing in bail bonds.  Required paperwork may be completed online and the fee paid. Once these steps have been completed, the bondsman begins working to secure the defendant. He or she must then show up for all court dates or risk forfeiture of any money paid to the bondsman and any assets put up for collateral.

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The Benefits of Bail Bonds

Many turn to a bail bondsman simply to secure their release from jail. Often overlooked are the other benefits of obtaining a bail bond, whether you’re in Birmingham Alabama (Jefferson County/Shelby County) or any other part of the country. When you choose to contract a bail bondsman, you only pay a percentage of the total bond to the bonding agent. This frees up funds for the hiring of an attorney or other professionals to provide a defense in the case. Plus the defendant will find that he or she has more discussion and input into the case, which can be difficult when one is behind bars. Furthermore, the defendant’s safety is less at risk as he or she isn’t incarcerated with other, possibly dangerous, criminals.

According to the FBI, an estimated 12 million+ arrests are made each year. For many of those taken into custody by law enforcement, the court imposes bail to ensure the defendant appears in court when he or she is required to. When bail is granted in a case, the individual must have the money to pay this bail. Many find they cannot make the payment without assistance. When this is the case, one need only turn to the best Birmingham bail bondsman in Jefferson County for immediate help.

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Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does one go about obtaining bail?
The first step is to contact a local bail bondsman. Securing bail typically doesn’t require a visit to the bail bondsman’s office as the process may be completed online or over the phone.

2. How much does it cost to obtain bail bonds Birmingham AL?
On average, you can expect to pay between 10 and 15 percent of the total amount required for a bail bond. Each situation is unique so it is best to give us a call. You’ll speak to a bail bond agent who can help you understand exactly how much must be paid, depending on the specific variables of the case.

3. When should a bail bond be obtained?
In most cases, one doesn’t know they are going to be arrested. In those cases, it is best to arrange for bail bonding immediately following the arrest. In those situations where a warrant has been put out for a person’s arrest, he or she can and should arrange bail before turning him or herself in.

4. Is a co-signer needed?
This often depends on the amount of the bail. Before the defendant asks someone to co-sign for him or her on a bail bond, however, the defendant needs to understand their responsibilities and the co-signer needs to understand his or hers. The accused must appear at every court date until the case has been completely released by the court, and if he or she fails to do so, the co-signer can often be held accountable.

5. What may be used as collateral?
Collateral is not always required. When it is required, one may use their house, their car, and various other assets as collateral.

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